Big Block Baby Duvet tutorial

Over the past week I made a duvet cover for Harvey’s cot and I am so geeked about how great this turned out!

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There are some things that I just can’t buy no matter how busy I feel. Like a duvet cover for Harvey’s bed. I have a fabric shop. What kind of mother would I be if I couldn’t sew two pieces of fabric together to cover his duvet? These are the kind of thoughts that run through my head. Anyway, last week Harvey’s childminder was on holiday so instead of having him part time, I had him full time! I decided to use some of that extra time at home to whip up this duvet cover, finally, before the autumn chill sets in.


This cover is designed to fit a standard cot size duvet and pillow case set (I bought ours on Amazon). I more or less made it up as I went along so I don’t have proper step-by-step instructions to share. But since this is a standard size and a quick make, I thought I’d talk you through what I ended up doing. Sort of an after the fact tutorial!


A cot size duvet is 120cm x 150cm. For the Big Block Baby Duvet, you will need:

*A total of 80 6.5″ blocks for the front of the duvet. I used seven fabrics, so we needed 12 of each (you’ll have four left over). You can get nine blocks of this size out of a fat quarter or 12 blocks out of 35cm x 110cm of fabric.
*150cm of Fanfare flannel for the back
*Another 40cm x 110cm for the back, for strips on the sides and the facing on the buttonhole placket

I adore the fabrics I used. They are a mix of cars and trucks, frogs and snails in bright colours that are boyish and cheerful. The road trip print is a huge favourite and I recommend it to everyone in the shop. The 50 States print is a nod to Harvey’s American side. I just love this mix so much!

Scenic Route – Scenic Drive in Orange
Scenic Route – Cars in Grey
Hatbox – All the States in Aqua
Hatbox – Steamer Trunk in Grey and Green
Far Far Away – Snails in Blue and Orange
Lotus Pond – Hopping Along in Navy
Cotton + Steel Basics – Dottie in Bandana


Here is the layout I used. I was going to lay out the squares randomly, but random is really so much harder, in my opinion!


Sew your blocks into strips, press and sew your strips together. To ensure my seams wouldn’t unravel, I ironed Vilene on the entire back of the duvet top. The Vilene went on like a dream, bonding quickly and securely.




I was dead set on using the Citron organic flannel solid from Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra on the back but of course it’s 110cm wide. So I added 7cm strips of the road trip print on both sides. I also sewed a 1.5″ strip along the bottom of the flannel side to create a facing for the the buttonhole placket. Yes, I swap back and forth between inches and cms because it works for me. Sorry to make things complicated!


Next I sewed the top and back together with a 1/2″ seam allowance so I could overlock the seams. Yes this makes your border blocks less than square. Oh well! Finally I folded the bottom edge under twice and pressed. Decide if you want to use buttons or poppers or velcro and attach before sewing this hem, to hide any stitching inside the hem.


I used seven buttons that coordinated with my theme. I stitched them to the front and put the buttonholes on the back, so they’d show on the plain side.



Harvey usually sleeps on his face and doesn’t much go for pillows, but I decided to make a coordinating flannel pillow case too! He loves it all. Here is a picture I took when the duvet was nearly finished and he’s having a giggle!


On Sunday I took a very indulgent afternoon nap under this duvet and the flannel felt amazing. I highly recommend it for quilt and duvet backs. There is nothing softer!



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Toft DK and Edward’s Menagerie now in stock

Toft DK luxury British yarn is here! Treat your needles with Toft’s gorgeous DK weight 100% wool yarn in naturally complex Cream, Stone or Steel.

Toft DK Toft DKToft DK

This super soft pure wool yarn is spun from a unique blend of the finest British fleeces and is a luxury to knit with and wear.  Click the two gorgeous designs below for their free patterns!

Toft DK

Toft DK

Toft DK is also perfect for crochet – just look at the seriously adorable patterns in Edward’s Menagerie: Over 40 soft and snuggly toy animal crochet patterns by Toft founder Kerry Lord!


With just two weeks to go before baby Edward’s due date, yarn enthusiast Kerry Lord picked up a crochet hook for the first time and a new obsession began. Over the next 12 months the collection of crochet animals expanded week on week until Edward’s Menagerie was complete with 40 unique patterns.

crochet_bunny_rabbit_amigurumiThese cute animals with larger-than-life personalities are made using simple crochet techniques and the step-by-step instructions enable a complete beginner to get hooking straight away. Each animal also has a universal pattern – where you can change your hook and yarn to create four different sizes, making 160 different possibilities. No special equipment needed and less than one ball of yarn per animal!


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Free Fat Quarter Week is back!

Our favourite promotion is back! For one week only, you’ll receive a free fat quarter of fabric for every £10 of fabric you spend online or in our West Hampstead shop! If you make your purchase online we’ll choose for you and it will be a fun surprise. If you shop in store, we’ll let you choose. No coupon necessary! Offer ends 19 August.

free fat quarter week

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Easiest ever knit cowl

We found a great new way to wear our interlock knits!


Knits don’t fray and interlock doesn’t curl at the edges, so you can just cut your fabric to size and toss it on as a scarf, or sew it in a loop for the easiest cowl you’ll ever make.


We especially love our Interlock Stripes for this project: they are double-sided and thick enough to be exceptionally cosy when the weather turns cool.


At 150cm wide, a skinny quarter is just right for a unisex scarf. In her version, Caroline sewed two colours together and pinked her edges just for fun!


For a cosier, bulkier woman’s cowl, go for a half metre and stitch the ends together to create a big loop that can comfortably be worn doubled.


If you want a quarter cut skinny, just email us after you place your order at Also check out our bolt ends section for some in-between sizes!

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Caroline’s travel eye mask tutorial

In preparation for a recent long-haul flight and a camping trip, Caroline devised this great eye mask using a fun woven fabric on the outside and a soft interlock knit on the inside. It’s a fabulous scrap-buster and such a great little gift idea for the traveler on your Christmas list! Thank you, Caroline!


Tutorial: Eyes covered for a good night’s sleep.

You will need:

*1 piece 10”x 5” quilting cotton, some fun print
*1 piece 10”x 5” soft fabric to go against your face (For example, Interlock Solids in Jet Black will completely block the light. I also used some scraps from dark double gauze from a skirt I made and it worked really well)
*1 piece of wadding or fusible fleeced 10”x5”
*9mm elastic
*Coordinating thread


1. Click the image below to download a pdf pattern for your eye mask. Check that the size will work for your face by measuring your face ear to ear and forehead to nose area to know how wide to make it. This mask is 7” across, 2 ½” wide ( 3” at the widest part), with 1/2” for seam allowance.

Also measure your head ear-to-ear with the elastic to see what’s a comfortable length.

caroline's eye mask pattern with gauge

2. Let’s cut!!!! When cutting the wadding try to cut it a little smaller than the other pieces but big enough to be able to sew through all three layers.


3. Make an eye mask sandwich with your fabrics right side together and your wadding on top. It may also be helpful to mark where your elastic will need to be attached. Pin.


4. Sew along the edge with a 1/2″ seam allowance, slowly and carefully following the shape. When you get to each side, insert the elastic in between the front and back layers of fabric so that the ends are caught in the seam. Leave a gap so you can turn it inside out.





4. Turn inside out, press the edges and pin the opening.



5. Hand-sew the last bit at the end to close.


Now it’s ready to wear!!! Happy camping, happy flight or happy every night!!!



Your dog can also enjoy a good night sleep, like Munchi!!!!!

photo 3

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Indelible by Katarina Roccella is now in stock

Indelible by Katarina Roccella is now in stock! I discovered this collection at Quilt Market and I thought you would love it. Text! Stags! Awesome colours! Lots of good stuff. All on Art Gallery‘s amazing base cloth. Plus, we have two Art Gallery Knits from the Indelible collection for all of your jersey sewing needs.

Indelible Katarina Roccella

For project ideas and inspiration, check out the Indelible look book!

Indellible Look Book

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Gleeful by Caroline Hulse now in stock

Gleeful by Caroline Hulse (aka Sew Caroline) is now in stock! Caroline’s first collection is one of Art Gallery‘s new Limited Edition ranges. It’s a flirty, feminine take on all things happy and sweet. We’re stocking the entire collection which includes eight prints on quilting cotton plus the two knits and voile. Shop the Gleeful collection or build a Gleeful bundle!

Gleeful Caroline Hulse

I don’t know if you know this, but Art Gallery produces really beautiful look books for each of its collections. Have a peek at the Gleeful look book!

Gleeful Caroline Hulse look book

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Jungle Ave by Sara Lawson now in stock

Jungle Ave by Sara Lawson is now in stock! Sara’s first collection for Art Gallery juxtaposes a sprawling natural world with the bustling energy of a concrete city with lush hues, abstract cityscapes and untamed florals. We have the entire collection in stock, which includes eight designs on quilting cotton, two knits and one voile. Shop the Jungle Ave collection or build a Jungle Ave bundle!

Jungle Ave Sarah Lawson


Check out the Jungle Ave look book for inspiration!

Jungle Ave Sarah Lawson

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Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra is back!

Fanfare, the adorably soft and cuddly organic cotton flannel collection by Rae Hoekstra (aka Made by Rae) for Cloud9 is back! This time around we’re stocking the fun new citron-teal-orchid colourway:

Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra

And we’ve restocked the super popular gold and grey colourway plus the endlessly useful cloud-white solid.

Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra

Perfect for jammies, quilt backs and so much more, we love Fanfare! This collections sold fast last summer, so don’t delay. Find yours in the shop here.

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Seersucker summer shorts!

I decided to whip up some shorts for Harvey to get through this heat wave. Breakers Seersucker from Robert Kaufman was an obvious choice – it’s so summery and playful! Plus, seersucker has a unique slack-tension weave which creates puckers all over the fabric that hold small pockets of air next to your skin to keep you cool in hot weather. Cool, right?


I downloaded the Kid Shorts pattern from Dana at Made and decided to make two pairs at once. It’s quicker that way! I also chose this fun plaid from the Planet Buzz collection.


The basic pattern is pretty quick. I sewed up two pairs in a morning. I love sewing two things at once, assembly line style!


I kept them a bit longer than the pattern intends so that when he falls on his knees, he’ll be covered. He’s been walking for a couple of months now but he still stumbles sometimes!


I made the 18 month size and they fit right now, although I had to reinforce the bum seams after Harvey split them in both pairs! He could use just a bit more room for those nappies. But they’ll get us through the rest of the summer and that’s all that really matters.


It’s hard to get good pictures of this little guy on the move!


We have a great play area right behind our building. We’ve been heading down to the sand pit every chance we get! The mornings are especially nice because it’s shady and cool.


These photos are a mix of Ed’s profesh looking ones and my phone – but I wanted to share some of both pairs.


I highly recommend this pattern and love these cute shorts!

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