A deluxe pom pom throw tutorial

For our new window display, I decided to show off the beautiful Hapi Linen collection from Amy Butler by whipping up one of my favourite quick projects: the world’s easiest blanket. I love these blankets. Two fabrics, one on each side, done deal. Back it with flannel for a baby blanket. Back it in canvas for a durable picnic mat. Add pom pom trim for a bit of frivolity and fun! To add to the sort of deluxe-ness of the linen, I teamed this with Cambridge, a super silky lawn from Robert Kaufman that feels amazing against your skin.




1.25m Hapi Linen (I used Pyramid in Cobalt)
1.25m Cambridge Lawn (I used Emerald)
5m pom pom trim (I used aqua)
Coordinating or contrasting thread

Usually with these blankets both my top and bottom fabrics are the same width, so I cut a metre and the size is just right. Hapi Linen, however, is 54″ wide to Cambridge Lawn’s 44″. Your finished throw will be a little over a metre.

Cutting your fabric: 


I though it would drive me bonkers if the squares were off centre. If you don’t care so much, the next few steps are all about cutting your fabric and are non-essential!

Fold your Hapi in half, carefully lining it up.


Fold your lawn in half twice and centre it on top of your folded Hapi.


I put a pin on each side of the centre to hold things in place.


Then fold both fabrics together so the lawn is sandwiched between the Hapi.


Now we’re going to trim the raw edges!


I wanted a half inch seam allowance. Measure up and cut through all four layers.


Now we have nice neat pieces to work with.


Now round your corners by grabbing a plate and tracing the curve.



Sewing your bobble trim:

Now separate your layers and pin the pom pom trim to the right side of your linen layer. Sew.d



Now pin your lawn on top of the Hapi. I found it helpful to use lots of pins and point them away from me to hold those fiddly bobbles in place!


Adjust your needle to the far left so your foot holds the pom poms and you can squeeze by them on your half inch seam allowance. This was slow going – I found it necessary to keep pushing them aside by hand! Leave a gap of about five inches to turn your blanket right side out.



Now you’re going flip to the right side, press and top stitch 1/4″ from the edge. Apologies for not having more detail shots here – seems I forgot to take photos!


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