A dress for me, me, me!

I’ve found precious little time for selfish sewing since the shop opened, but recently I started partnering with bloggers to create some of the projects we feature on the site and that freed up just enough time for me to make myself a dress! This dress is just for me – you can’t buy the pattern or the fabric in the shop, I’m afraid – an entirely selfish make.

I’ve had this print, called Raise the Roof, from Jay McCarroll’s Habitat collection, in my stash for over a year. I’m a massive fan of this collection (I also used it for our sofa cushions) and I knew I wanted to make a sundress out of it. The pattern I used is New Look 6457. I made this just before heading out for two weeks holiday, first in Seattle for my brother’s wedding and then a few days super hot New York, and I wanted something unlined, simple and fun to go with that crazy pattern.

I made this in a jiff and found it incredibly easy to fit even though the size I cut initially was a bit too big. Basically I just took the bodice in on the sides which means those seams don’t quite hit my bust where they should but honestly it fits great and feels flattering and that’s all that mattered to me. Next time I make it though I’ll start with a size smaller. And I’ll add pockets!

I meant to get this post up before we left on holiday but every day in London seemed to rain so we couldn’t take any pictures! These were taken on the boat where my brother’s wedding took place while we were doing the rehearsal. Seattle rains quite a bit too and they weren’t sure if they would be able to have the wedding outside until the very last moment because it was threatening to rain all morning. Sure enough, the rain started to fall just as they had their first kiss! It was a perfect Seattle wedding.

I hesitate to leave you with this wrinkly picture of the back but I’ll do it just because the shows one of the key lessons I learned on this make – check the strap placement! On the front of the dress I matched the straps with my bra so I could be sure they’d be covered, but it didn’t occur to me to do that when I sewed the straps in the back. I know this isn’t possible with every pattern but it was definitely possible here. By the time I finished and figured this out it seemed annoying to pick out, but this looks kind of awful!

It is possible to hide them a bit better, as in this picture below, but I may have to go back and see if I can move them. Lesson learned!

I’m so glad we got some pictures before heading to New York. I wore this dress loads and it got sticky and sweaty. I threw it in the washing machine which put my hand stitching to the test (a few stitches need to be secured a bit better, if I’m being honest) but it was nice to know I could to that. Another benefit of quilting cotton, I suppose.

Highly recommend this pattern – quick, cute and so versatile! I’ll definitely make it again. Now if only I actually needed another sundress in London…

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