A kid-size Sorbetto for Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I discovered Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge and decided to take part! I haven’t participated in a sew-a-long since I started this blog and I thought it would be fun.

For my first project of the week, I decided to try to make a kid-size Sorbetto for my six-year-old stepdaughter. However, I decided to do this challenge on Saturday, while I was away, so I didn’t have time to do any shopping specifically for the challenge and had to go to the stash. I would have loved to use a voile like I did for mine, but I didn’t have anything big enough. In the end I chose a quilting-weight cotton from Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi collection called¬†Coreopsis Lime. How much do you love saying the words Coreopsis Lime? It isn’t quite as soft, but it will be a bit sturdier.

I won’t see DSD until Saturday but I had to get started so I needed to get creative. None of the clothes we have for her here felt like the right shape so I picked up a shirt for her from the Gap to copy. The plan was to make a pattern and then return it but I found this cute top on sale for ¬£2.99 – lucky girl gets two new tops. (side note: am I the only one who thinks Gap Kids clothes are cuter than regular Gap? I wish everything in there came in my size…) Like I said she’s six-nearly-seven but she’s very tall for her age and growing so quickly! so I bought a size 8-9. Here’s the model top:


I did not sew this top!

Here is the progress I made last night. I raised the back neckline but I kept the pleat in the front the same size. It think it’s looking really cute! It seems long, a bit like a tunic rather than a top, but that might be a good thing.¬†I’m not going to hem it or put the bias tape on until she gets to try it on on Saturday.¬†Stay tuned!

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