A progress update on our new shop!

An update on our new shop is long overdue! I have some new information and pictures of the site to share so I thought I’d finally put words to paper on the subject. If you follow us on Instagram you are probably caught up, but if not – this post is for you!

Ballymore West Hampstead Square rendering

For background, we announced late last year that we secured a glorious space for our shop and followed that announcement with an exciting and successful crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the expansion. We share updates on Instagram using the hashtag #tvhatwhs so you can always check there for the latest news and behind the scenes peeks at the decisions that go into fitting out a new shop. You know, like antique shopping…

Shopping for antiques

What you all want to know, I’m sure, is when! When will we move? When when when? I feel the same way, believe me. Based on the latest timeline I’ve been given, we’ll be starting our fit out in mid-September and opening in mid-October. I finally got to see inside the building for the first time a few weeks ago. Super exciting!

Me at WHS

It is far from a big open space. At the moment, the contractors are working inside what will be our shop and have conference rooms and desks set up. But everything you see will be cleared out before we start our fit out. This is where our studio will be! So many windows and so much light!

Guys in our building

Recently, they removed the scaffolding from the front of our building. That was a thrilling day! I walked by the site several times and saw the layers peel off. The space looks even bigger than it did when it was covered up. That is us on the first floor and the outside of the picture above. Look at all those windows!


Here is what I’ve been told. This big green substation is going to be moved the first week of July. When that happens, they will be able to compete the white building (the “retail annex”) which will ultimately be connected to the Overground Station next door. There will be a bigger entrance to the Overground Station on the square, which will help with the congestion on the pavement plus there will be a lift for buggies and wheelchairs. Huge win!


Also, when that building is completed, we’ll be able to safely get into our building. When you visit our shop, you’ll enter a lobby in the white building (where that man in the orange vest is standing) and either go up the stairs or the lift to the first floor and cross over a little foot bridge to our shop in the red brick building. That first set of glass windows is the main entrance. Directly below us will be a Marks & Spencer.


When the entire project is completed, we’ll look out on a big square. Someday, this will be West Hampstead Square!


Thank you all for your patience! We’re really looking forward to the big move and we hope you are too!

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