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A quick update about The Village Stash Society rewards programme!

I just wanted to share a quick update about our rewards programme, The Village Stash Society! Many of you have been waiting patiently as we updated our processes for awarding Stash Points for completing surveys or making in store purchases, and we finally have the systems in place to do this more efficiently. Going forward, Stash Points earned on surveys should be in your account within five days of the date the survey ends and Stash Points earned on in store purchases with be in your account within a week of the purchase.

Yesterday evening, we sent out overdue Stash Points to hundreds of you, so if you haven’t checked your account this might be a good time to do it! Unless you’ve opted out, you should also be getting your monthly statement on the first of March, so you’ll get an update then too. If you have any questions about your account balance or history, please feel free to email us at

The Village Stash Society rewards programme at The Village Haberdashery

If The Village Stash Society is new news to you, I’ll give you a quick recap! A few months ago, we launched a rewards programme so you can earn Stash Points every time you make a purchase, refer a friend or share products or purchases on social media. If you have an account for our online shop, you are already signed up! Yay, that was easy.

So…how can you earn Stash Points? Lots of ways!

  • Signing up: If you sign up, or if you already have an account, you’ll get 100 Stash Points to get you started. Go on, check your account. You already have Stash Points in your stash!
  • Your birthday: If you add your birthday into your account details, you’ll get 500 Stash Points on your birthday.
  • Referring a friend: This is the nicest possible thing you can do for us, so there is a big Stash Points reward for referring your friends. You’ll earn 100 Stash Points when a friend you refer signs up for an account and 500 Stash Points when they make their first purchase.
  • Making a purchase: You’ll earn Stash Points every time you make a purchase either online or in our West Hampstead shop.
  • Sharing a purchase or product: You’ll earn Stash Points every time you share your purchase, product or a page from our online shop on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

And…what can you do with your Stash Points?

  • Spend them: You can redeem your Stash Points at a rate of £1 per 100 points.
  • Give them away: If you’re super nice, you can give your Stash Points to family, friends or charity.

If you’ve signed up for The Village Stash Society in our West Hampstead shop, we may have set up your account for you. The first time you log in, you may need to click the Forgot Your Password link to set up your password for the first time. If you want any help with this process, just email us at and we’ll do it together!

For more details, helpful videos and FAQ, click here.

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