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A scraptastic buffet

A few weeks ago the lovely Aneela Hoey sorted out our scraps into neat little bags. But since then we’ve had a good clear out and unearthed many, many more scraps. There’s Melody Miller and Cloud9 gold in here, and everything from velveteen to flannel to voile. Little scraps and big ones. Plains and prints. And so on.


How about we make a deal? I’ll give you a little zip top bag and you can fill it with as many scraps as you want (so long as you can zip it closed) for £10. By my calculations you can fit 200 – 300g in the bag depending on whether you’re a stuffer or a folder. A customer just popped in and filled up her bag with a careful folding method and it weighed 440g. For reference a fat quarter of quilting cotton is about 40g so that’s value, my friends. And if you spend £50 or more on other stuff you can have a bag to fill up for free.

I’m hoping this is enough to tempt you to the shop but if there are still scraps around on Sunday we’ll lower the price. I’m not sure what the lower price will be but it will depend on the quality of remaining scraps and level of my desperation to shift them! You can risk it and wait until Sunday but I’m guessing those typewriters won’t be here. Just saying.


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