A Storyboek hexagon baby quilt for Laurie!

Yesterday I went to Laurie‘s baby shower* and gave her the Storyboek hexagon baby quilt I’ve been working on so I can finally share some pictures of the final result!

Here are some final shots I took of the quilt at home before the party:

I’m geeked about how lovely this turned out and, as I’d hoped, this quilt got loads of oohs, ahhs and did you make thats at the baby shower which was so rewarding!

For some pictures of my progress along the way, see here, here and here. Good luck to Laurie, who is due to have a baby boy on the 22nd of October!

*I found out that baby showers are more of an American thing and not a common tradition in the UK. I have no idea why this hasn’t taken off here! A baby shower is a party where we play games and give gifts to the mum-to-be. Usually they are just for the girls and involve lots of cake. What’s not to love?

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