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A word about our sewing and knitting kits

I love a good kit, don’t you? See something you want to make and it’s all there in one shopping swoop. But kits can have a dark side too. Oh yes. You could end up with something you already have. Or too much or too little fabric for your size. And that’s no good. I wanted kits in the shop, but they presented a dilemma.

So here’s what we’ve done. And I think it solves all of the problems but you’ll let me know what you think, won’t you? We’ve put all of the items you need in one place, but then we let you choose what and how much to buy. Basically we make it very, very easy to build your very own tailored-to-your-needs-and-not-mine-or-anybody-else’s kit.

Here is an example, so you can see what I’m going on about. Take the Little Stone Flowers Dress.

You can see here we’ve rounded up all of the items you need to make the dress. To make your dress kit, do the following:

1. Do you need the pattern? Great, add 1 to the pattern box.

2. How much fabric do you need? Well let’s start with what size you want to make. Click on the size chart image. Our dress is a size four so we needed 1.75 yards (1.6 metres, thank you Google). Then you do a bit of maths, since we sell fabric by the fat quarter, to work out how many quarter metres you need (more on how we sell fabric here). In our case it’s 7. Right, that’s the hardest part, over and done with!

3. Now, do want blue thread, hand-picked to match? Add a 1 next to the Gutermann 593. If there is more than one thread listed, like there is for this dress, read the description to figure out which colour is which.

4. Do you want white buttons on the front? Or do you have your own buttons? Or do you want to make the ruffle embellishment instead, in which case you wouldn’t need any buttons at all? Your choice. If you want those tiny buttons add a 1 in that box.

5. Do you want orange buttons up the back? If so, add a 1 there.

6. And finally, do you need some white thread to sew on those buttons? If so, add a 1 next to Gutermann 001.

7. Now click Add to Cart and the whole lot will be ready for you when you go to check out. Done and done.

So what do you think? Saving you time and money or just making things confusing?


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