Alison Glass Handcrafted now in stock

I am so excited to be able to tell you that Alison Glass Handcrafted by Alison Glass has arrived in the shop! We are the first shop in the UK to get it. So. Yay us! I got to see this collection in real life way back at Spring Market, and again at Fall Market. Everyone was talking about it. Batiks modern quilters will love? Wha? It’s true. Read on, and I’ll tell you more!

Alison Glass Handcrafted

Alison’s latest collection with Andover is very special and it has most definitely been worth the wait. I pulled a few comments (and all of these photos) from her blog about the process of creating this fabric.

“The challenge was exciting. Communicating what I wanted first to Andover, then to our partners in Indonesia through our local agents resulted in a year long development process. I have to tell you, that the artisans who are physically making this fabric have perfectly interpreted my vision for a new application of the hand stamped, hand dyed fabric process. It’s pretty amazing.

Alison Glass Handcrafted

When I really started looking into the history of batik, the term ‘acculturation’ emerged. Not being a vocabulary champion, I had to look up the concept. It’s the idea of change that results from the meeting of cultures. As out there as it seems, for the first time in my life, I really feel like I’m a very small part of something different that has resulted from the coming together of cultures. The batik printing process applied to fabrics that are created to appeal to people who enjoy what we have termed ‘modern’.”

Alison Glass Handcrafted

We are filing Handcrafted under Quilting Cotton for lack of a better plan, but it’s a bit lighter than most quilting cottons and has a lovely drape that is just beautiful when used for dressmaking.

Alison Glass Handcrafted

Find our selection of Alison Glass Handcrafted here. I just can’t wait to see what you make with it! And if you want more, read Alison’s blog here and here.


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