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All your questions about the Janome Walking Foot answered!

The Janome walking foot is one of our most searched-for and popular presser feet and it's SO useful! We thought we'd dig into some of your most-asked questions about this essential accessory!

Janome Walking Foot

What is a Janome walking foot?

A walking foot is a nifty little piece of equipment that helps keep fabrics running smoothly through your machine. It has a set of feed dogs that push the fabric through from above without shifting it so your machine has extra power to handle quilts and other thick or slippery projects. 

Janome Walking Foot

Is a walking foot the same as a presser foot?

A walking foot is a type of presser foot

What is the difference between a walking foot and an even feed foot?

Trick question - a walking foot and an even feed foot are the same awesome accessory, just called different names (it can also be called a dual feed foot)!

Janome Walking Foot

What can you sew with a walking foot?

It’s more like what CAN’T you sew! A walking foot is useful for any project that requires more precision or strength to sew. While a walking foot is well-known for its use in quilting (and don’t get us wrong - it’s a lifesaver with all those layers!), it’s a great tool for sewing with stretch fabrics because it will stop the material from pulling, denim/other heavyweight wovens, or even for stripe/check matching!

Is a walking foot good for thick fabric?

Absolutely! Anyone who’s tackled thick fabrics or layered projects like bags or jeans knows the struggle of starting off on those chunky seams. With a walking foot, you have double the power and can climb those seams like a dream!

Janome Walking Foot

Do I need a walking foot if I’m not a quilter?

We definitely think so - if you sew with jersey a lot, or care about pattern matching, or find yourself lusting after gorgeous canvases and denims - the walking foot will make a big difference to your sewing life!

How do I attach a Janome walking foot to my sewing machine?

You’ll need to remove the thumb screw/presser foot holder screw holding the presser foot to the machine with the screwdriver that came in the accessory pack with your machine. Make sure you don’t lose it! Slot the walking foot clamp onto the empty presser foot bar - make sure the moving arm has been placed above the needle bar, re-screw the thumb screw and voila! This video from Janome is helpful for seeing how it works.

How much does a Janome walking foot cost?

The price for a Janome walking foot starts at £54.

What type of Janome walking foot do I need for my sewing machine?

We have Janome walking feet for Janome sewing machines in category B, C and 9mm machines. If you aren't sure what category your sewing machine is, check this chart or give us a call and we can help! 

Janome Walking Foot

Can I use a Janome walking foot with other brands of sewing machine?

We highly recommend checking with your sewing machine's manufacturer before using an accessory from another brand.

Where can I buy a Janome walking foot?

You can buy a Janome sewing machine, a Janome walking foot and many other Janome presser feet and accessories at The Village Haberdashery!

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