Amy’s mouse pin cushion tutorial

Our shop is filled with useful handmade gifts from Amy of Amy’s Crafty Shenanigans, from the fun hand towel in the bathroom to Harvey’s adorable drool bib. But the one that gets the most use is this cute little mouse-shaped pin cushion. We get lots of compliments on it, so I thought it was time to share Amy’s clever tutorial. Thanks, Amy!

 mouse pin cushion tutorial

You need:

(1) 6 inch charm square [I used Anna Marie Horner ‘Field Study – Spotted in the Crowd Amelia’]

(2) beads for eyes

(2) 1 inch x 2 inch  [approx – adjust to how big you want them to be] felt rectangles for ears

(1) 6.5” piece of cord (or yarn) for tail

Needle and black thread

Polyfil toy stuffing



1. Fold square diagonally, right sides together to make a triangle


2. Sew along one open edge using small stitches, backstitching at beginning and end


3. Clip corner near stitches and turn so right side out, making sure to use a pencil or chopstick to ensure a tidy point (the nose of the mouse)


4.  Trim off corner (you can trim right to the opposite edge if you want to make a better cone)


5.  Press a hem around the open edge


 6.  Baste stitch along this hemmed edge using strong thread (or doubled up thread)


7.  Gather thread so the opening is cinched slightly and add stuffing, making sure it goes into pointed nose


8.  Cinch more and add stone if desired (helps keep the mouse upright on an angle).


 9.  Cinch closed and secure thread.  Sew tail to the bottom near the closure. Stitch felt over this area if you feel the cinched area is untidy or not closed tight.

10.  For the whiskers on the nose, thread three pieces of black thread through near the nose tip and tie each side with a knot close to the body to secure

11.  Add beads for eyes or French knots

12.  For the ears, take the felt pieces and trim the corners off so you have semi-circular tops.  Pinch the bottom of one ear together so the ear has some dimension and stitch these gathers in place.  Now stitch to the body of mouse.  Repeat.


14.  Adjust the stone in the bottom to get the desired angle of your mouse.

15.  Now you have a weighted mouse pin cushion!!  Enjoy!






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