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An afternoon cutting fabric

I have a couple of sewing project on the go so I spent Sunday afternoon cutting, cutting, cutting. I thought that getting everything ready would keep me more organised and then allow me some luxurious, uninterrupted sewing time. Also I’m scared of my new Janome. I mean, not scared, exactly, just dreading learning a new machine no matter how pretty and smart and shiny it looks sitting on the sewing table.

Here are the piles. I know my husband is going to question my lighting decisions for these photos, but I kind of like how the light was streaming in. When it’s sunny in the evening, I’m happy.

A lovely pile of Cloud 9 ready to be turned into a Colette Violet top for Spring Top Sewalong. The pieces look big. I cut a 12 because my measurements fit into three different sizes on the chart, and I don’t want to make a muslin. Let’s hope this is basically a wearable muslin.

Curious Nature by Paron Gray (aka David Butler) to make the Sketchbook shirt from Oliver + S. I love this print and think it will look great on a little man. This is mainly planned as a shop sample.

And this Kona Straw is cut for a pair of khaki shorts to go with the shirt. The pockets will also be lined with Curious Nature. I know that’s quite matchy matchy but it primarily had to do with having lots of Curious Nature scraps!

Finally here is a pile of blue typewriters from Melody Miller and Kona Candy Green that is part-way to becoming a messenger bag. This is what I was doing when the sewing machine died, so not from Sunday’s cutting but cut fabric laying about nonetheless.

Now on to the sewing!

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