An update on our new shop!

I am so thrilled to have an update for you about our new shop! There have been some delays since our last update, but last week we had a meeting with the developers of our new building and we are scheduled to begin our fit out on 21 November!

We are planning to accelerate our fit out plan with the goal of opening the weekend of 10 and 11 December. That’s the weekend we usually have our annual anniversary party to celebrate our first bricks and mortar shop and it would make us all so happy to be able to celebrate in our new space this year! Due to building works outside of our control, the new date for our Grand Opening Weekend is 7 & 8 January 2017! Read the latest update here.

Ballymore West Hampstead Square rendering

For background, we announced late last year that we secured a glorious space for our shop and followed that announcement with an exciting and successful crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the expansion.

I took a few pictures on the site last week and wanted to share what the building looks like now! This is our future ground floor lobby. This is where you’ll enter and then go up the stairs or the lift to get to our first floor space.


Here are our future stairs!


Our bridge is nearly complete. After you go up the stairs you’ll cross over this bridge to get into the shop.



This is what the bridge looks like from the first floor. They were waterproofing it when I visited.


I think this will be a nice space to have. It will be mostly covered by the balcony below, so it can work for buggy or bike parking.


This is our front door from the inside!


This is a view of the white building from our shop.


And the view onto the square, which should be completed in the next few weeks.


The ground floor of the last section of the white building will be the new entrance to the Overground Station, however the station overhaul won’t be completed until 2018.



That’s all I have for you today! Make sure to follow us on instagram and check the hashtag #tvhatwhs for photos of our progress. And save the date of 10 and 11 December for our grand opening weekend!

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