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An update to our class booking policy

Based on feedback from our customers, we have decided to make a major change to our class booking policy and wanted to share this news with you! We hope the new policy will be more flexible for our customers and more fair for everyone.

Charlotte Newland Teaching at The Village Haberdashery

Just a bit of background first. Despite having a published ‘no refunds or transfers policy’ we find ourselves regularly trying to accomodate our students’ requests to reschedule because we feel really bad saying no. Our classes require a great deal of pre-planning, including ordering supplies and tools, booking staff, and making commitments to pay our instructors. When students ask to cancel or reschedule, we lose money. As a small business, it is extremely difficult for us to absorb these costs. Plus, when we try to reschedule a customer, the admin costs go up too.

We know life is complicated and things come up, so from today, if you contact us more than 14 days before your class date and request to cancel, we will gladly issue you a store credit, no questions asked. However, after the 14 day cut-off your booking will be final and no refunds or transfers will be given, under any circumstances. This will allow us to plan more accurately and also give you some much-needed wiggle room. To be fair to all of our customers, we must apply this policy to all requests, even in cases of illness, travel, or family emergency. If you find you can no longer attend a class after the cut-off date, we suggest you give your place to a friend!

While we’ve got you here, we also wanted to talk to you about one more thing: our use of third party booking sites. We value our relationships with the third party sites where we list our classes, because they help lovely new customers find us. But the cost to us is a 20% commission. We sincerely hope that after you’ve discovered us, you’ll book future classes directly with us. Apart from supporting our business, there are a couple of benefits for you! First, you earn Stash Points on your booking fee that you can spend in the shop. Second, if you book your next class while you are attending a class you can use your 10% student discount.

If you have any questions about our new policy or our use of third-party booking sites, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your support!

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