Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi Velveteens have arrived!

We’ve waited far too long to see Anna Maria Horner velveteen on our side of the pond, but to my delight a big box arrived in the shop yesterday. We have all five of the pink/rose colourway (although Summer Totem is delayed) and they are now in the shop. These are beautiful, rich, luxurious fabrics that inspire all sorts of ideas, from cushions to dresses to heavenly quilts. Ahhhhhhh. If you haven’t read Anna Maria’s post on velveteens, go check it out for more on how to use these fabrics.

We have velveteens by the metre in the shop (at 54″ wide they are huge!) and have also created special “Scarf Cuts” designed to pair with Free Spirit voiles for the Figure 8 Scarf!

Personally, I’m planning to make a scarf with the zig zag print and rose voile. Expect to see it on The Daily Stitch very soon – I just can’t keep my hands off these fabrics!

Here is Anna Maria in one of her scarves…

Credit: Anna Maria Horner

More ideas and inspiration for velveteen coming soon!



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