Announcing Make Like a Boss! Networking for creative small businesses

I’m so excited to finally announce something I’ve been wanting to launch for months now! On Wednesday, 26 April, we’ll be kicking off a monthly networking series for creative small businesses called Make Like a Boss.

Make Like a Boss

Speaking from my own experience, if you run a small business there are always questions, challenges, new things to figure out and it’s often hard to know where to get advice. Getting out of your own head and hearing how other people are doing things –  whether it is a technical challenge or a branding-building one (or any number of things in between!) – can be extremely helpful. Plus sometimes it’s so nice to be able to complain about a bad day to someone else who really gets it.

I’m not physically alone in my work all day, because I own a shop and usually do my work there, but I know a lot of creative small business owners spend a lot of the day alone. Social media is really helpful for interaction and for fostering community, but meeting face to face can be so energising and inspiring! A couple of times a year I (try to) go to Quilt Market in the States on a buying trip and I love getting a chance to talk about work with the friends I’ve made there. I wondered why I hadn’t done a better job of building a network of people like that here. Which brings me back to…Make Like a Boss!

We have a big new space in West Hampstead that is super easy to get to, and we want to get you here to meet, chat, learn, share, moan and hopefully come away with some new contacts and ideas. The format of each event will be a short Q&A with business owner followed by time for you to hang out and chat. Wine and snacks will be provided!

Our first event on 26 April will feature Rachel and Kate from The Fold Line! The Fold Line is an online hub for the sewing community to socialise, review dressmaking patterns and keep up-to-date with the latest news and sewing pattern releases. Since launching in late 2015, the site has grown like crazy and the team have won a Mollie Makes Handmade Award and a British Craft Award for their contribution to the industry. We’ll be talking to Rachel and Kate about the challenges of launching a website, the thrill of seeing those user numbers grow and making the leap to running the website full time.

If you aren’t in the London area or can’t make it to the event, we’ll be streaming the interview on Facebook Live and posting it here on The Daily Stitch after the event. We’ve also created a Facebook Group to provide you with an ongoing way to share advice, ideas and inspiration.

Rachel and Kate from The Fold Line

Here are the quick facts of the first event:

Date: Wednesday, 26 April
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: The Village Haberdashery
Guest: Rachel and Kate from The Fold Line
Cost: Free
RSVP: Via Eventbrite, via our website or to

If you have any questions you’d like us to ask Rachel and Kate, or business owners you want us to interview in the future, please let us know!

Plus, here are a few topics we want to chat about soon so if you feel like a boss in one of these areas, or know someone who is, please nominate them to speak at an upcoming event: hiring, delegating and working with employees; creating a video marketing strategy; designing and manufacturing physical products.

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