Announcing our Children’s Art Show!

We are so excited to announce that we’re organising a children’s art show for our lobby at West Hampstead Square! If you’ve visited our shop you know we’re working hard to bring some colour and character to the space with our rainbow wall. I thought that creating a gallery wall of artwork by local kids would fill the (rather boring) stairwell with creativity and life as you climb the stairs to our shop!

If you have a creative kid and want to get involved, read on! We’re moving fast on this and the submission deadline is 9 March so we can unveil our show on Mother’s Day.

Children's Art Show at West Hampstead Square

Please read the following helpful info before submitting your child’s artwork for the show. If you have any questions please do get in touch and we’ll update the FAQ in this post too. You can also print a copy of our flyer here. We can’t wait to see what your kids make!


  • The show is open to all children. One submission per child.
  • The theme of the artwork should be Spring (all interpretations welcome!)
  • Artwork should be approximately A4 size.
  • All forms of art may be submitted provided the finished work can be hung with washi tape.
  • Children are encouraged but not required to use at least one product from The Village Haberdashery.
  • Please include your child’s first name, age, a parent’s name and parent’s mobile phone and email on the back of the work.

Key Dates:

  • Submission deadline: 9 March
  • Show dates: 11 March – 15 April


  • All entries will be put into a drawing for three £10 vouchers to The Village Haberdashery.
  • Our favourites will be featured in our social media.
  • We will aim to hang all submissions, but reserve the right to curate if we receive too many or the submissions do not meet the criteria.


You say the show is open to all children. Is there an age limit?

Let’s say under 18. But for now we really want to be as open as possible so that we receive as many submissions as we can.

Why does it have to be A4?

We just want them all to be a similar size. So we won’t be getting out the ruler to measure, and square is totally fine too, but try to keep it in the range of A4.

What if my child doesn’t want to follow the Spring theme?

We chose to provide a theme because sometimes having too many options feels overwhelming. And the idea of more cheerful spring colours in our lives sounds really nice right now! But if your child insists on making a picture of Batman, it’s probably going to be fine. We’ll only curate if we get an overwhelming number of submissions that won’t fit on the wall space.

Where and how exactly are you hanging the art?

We’re aiming to fill up the stairwell in the lobby that leads up to The Village Haberdashery and Johns & Co. It’s rather boring, and we’d like to change that! We’ll simply be hanging artwork with washi tape so it can be removed easily after the show.

How do I submit my child’s work? 

Drop it off or post it to us at:

The Village Haberdashery
Unit 6, Hardy Building, Heritage Lane
London NW6 2BR

We are so excited about this and can’t wait to see what your children create! If you live locally and want any flyers to share with your friends or school, please drop in and grab some.

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