April Holiday Classes for Kids!

Our April holiday schedule is fully packed with creative classes for kids! Each day we offer a fibre craft or art class in the morning and a sewing machine class in the afternoon for kids 8+ (or very keen 7!) Pick and choose what they are interested in, or send them with a packed lunch for full days.

For all our sewing projects, your child will learn how to sew with a computerised sewing machine, gain an understanding of sewing basics and practice construction techniques. They'll also learn how safely use essential sewing tools such as a measuring tape, pins, scissors and an iron. For the art & fibre crafts, we will focus on encouraging your kids' creativity, self-confidence and fine motor skills. These classes are a great way of making new friends, learning new skills & getting inspired. Here is the menu for April!


Embroidery with Zoe Bateman - 8 April

The project for this class is embroidery! They will get to draw up their own design, learn all about embroidery, the different stitches and go home with a lovely piece of hand sewing. This class is great for beginners and all materials are included!

Watermelon Tote Bag with Alexandra Bruce - 8 April

How funky is this bag? Perfect to carry around all those school books, lunchbox and more. Once they've made one, they'll want to make a whole fruit bowl full!

Paper Flower Crowns with Zoe Bateman - 9 April

The project for this class is paper flower crowns! A super fun class for spring and a great accessory for selfies! Using different paper shaping techniques, your child will create flowers and turn them into a wonderful hair crown!

Book Pocket Cushion with Alexandra Bruce - 9 April

The project for this class is a cushion with a pocket for books! Is your child an avid reader? Maybe they're running out of room on the shelves or wish for somewhere to stash their diary? This class is just for them!  

Decorate a Tote Bag with Zoe Bateman - 10 April

Get messy with fabric paints and stencils! They'll get to design a tote bag and go home with a new bag to show off to their friends. 

iPad Cover with Alexandra Bruce - 10 April

This snazzy class, will get your child making a super stylish cover for a tablet using fabric of their choice.

Pajaki Chandelier with Zoe Bateman - 11 April

Pajaki Chandeliers are gorgeous paper chandeliers that originated in Poland. In old school Poland, they would be made for celebrations such as Easter, Christmas and weddings. They can be made from a variety of craft materials, and in this class, we will be making them with pom poms, tassels and beads. A great craft to make for a home decoration! 

Waterproof Zip Pouch with Alexandra Bruce - 11 April

This little pouch is perfect for taking on school trips or keeping those secret items safe! They'll be made using laminated fabric. This fabric has a base made from 100% organic cotton with a PU coating making it great for this project. Your child will even learn how to sew with zips! 

Dream Catchers with Zoe Bateman - 15 April

The comeback of the year, the Dreamcatcher! They are SUPER pretty and SO fun. Whether your child wants to hang them above their bed or make them as a gift, you can get really creative! In this class, we will have a variety of elements they can add such as beads, pom poms & felt shapes, to really make the dreamcatcher their own. 


Fish Drawstring Bag with Alexandra Bruce - 15 April

This bag will have all the kids talking! Great to use out and about or as a laundry bag! Everyone will want one!


Punch Needle Embroidery with Zoe Bateman - 16 April

Punch Needle has made a massive return to the needlework world. Its simple, easy and a great make to see instant results. This class is very similar to the Embroidery class, as they'll get to draw up their own design to needle punch to turn into a wall hanging! We will have a great choice of yarn to choose from, and all materials are included.

Balloon Dog Pillow with Alexandra Bruce - 16 April

We think that the square cushion needs a change up. Squares are cool, but when it comes to the perfect pillow, the shape just doesn’t always cut it. So, how about a dog balloon cushion? Yep, a pillow in the shape of a dog! This may look tricky, but it's actually genius! We won't give away how the shape is formed, but it's definitely fun.

Paint a Ceramic Pot with Zoe Bateman - 17 April

Now Spring is here, it's the best time to get gardening and planting seeds. In this class, we'll be giving the average plant pot a pretty lift with different designs to upgrade the family garden or plant shelf!

Pom Pom Tutu with Alexandra Bruce - 17 April

The project for this class is a cute pinny! and we're sure your child will steal the show this year in there new, handmade tutu. This skirt is comfortable, pretty and has an elasticated waist. They could totally wear it as a costume or over jeans with a pair of converse. Cool or what?!

Felt Flower Wreath with Zoe Bateman - 18 April

This class will get your child learning how to make flowers from felt, use a needle & thread to make glorious shapes and go home with a beautiful wall decoration, just in time for the Spring inspired season!


Bum Bag with Alexandra Bruce - 18 April 

Made in the fabric of your childs choice, they will sew together this awesome bum-bag (aka fanny pack!) Bum-Bags are very on trend and the hottest bags to be wearing this summer! So, what better than your child making one themselves?

Did you know we also do After School Classes during term time? You can find them on our website or pop in to chat about what we have to offer! 
Did you take a class with us? Make sure to tag any photos with #thevillagehaberdashery so we can see!


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