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Atelier Brunette Now in Store!


We are head over heels for Atelier Brunette! Our new delivery includes a careful selection of viscose and double gauze in a beautiful colour palette. These fabrics are absolutely dreamy! For inspiration make sure to check out the #atelierbrunette hashtag on instagram because there is so much to love!

We have three colours each of our three favourite fabrics! The first is moonstone viscose with an abstract, poetic print. The designs evoke natural stones through a subtle scheme of soft watercolour dashes, vivid splashes of paint and erratic pencil strokes! This fabric is ideal for sewing dresses, tops, skirts and trousers with fashionable drape and comfort.

Next we have the truly special Atelier Brunette double gauze. It's light and soft and embroidered with metallic dots! Its poetic hues and fine, sparkling embroidery are perfect for sewing clothing for children and adults as well as for home and decor accessories.

Finally we have the newest Atelier Brunette fabric, the diamond viscose. This soft, light diamond textured viscose is ideal for sewing beautiful dresses, skirts and blouses. In delicate and natural shades, Atelier Brunette's diamond fabric is designed to create an elegant and romantic wardrobe.

We can't wait to see what you sew with this gorgeous collection! Be sure to tag #thevillagehaberdashery so we can see!


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