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Best Sewing Patterns for Stretch Denim

We LOVE denim fabric and have so many options to choose from for every denim project you could dream up! In this blog series we've rounded up some of our favourite types of denim and the projects we love to pair with them plus a look at all of our denim haberdashery. Today we are looking at stretch denim and the best sewing patterns for stretch denim!

What is stretch denim?

Stretch denim is a fabric made of cotton or cotton/polyester blend with a little elastane (aka Lycra or Spandex) to make the material stretchy. The more elastane, the more stretch, but we usually prefer fabrics with 1-2% elastane for subtle stretch.

Is stretch denim better than non-stretch denim?

Stretch denim and non-stretch or rigid denim are both brilliant fabrics but one might be better than the other for a certain sewing pattern. Stretch denim can be more comfortable and wearable and can give you a closer fit.

Is stretch denim durable?

Stretch denim is very durable. However since denim jeans and other garments tend to get a lot of wear, you may find that they show wear over time, especially in the knees and thighs. The great thing to remember is that denim is easy and fun to mend.

What sewing patterns work best with stretch denim?

Sewing Patterns for Stretch Denim

Our stretch denims are absolutely perfect for skinny jeans patterns like the Ames Jeans by Cashmerette (bottom right) or the Ginger Jeans by Closet Core Patterns (bottom left), but if skinny isn't your style, both patterns have straight leg options too! They are also great for the Tilly & the Buttons Bobbi Pinafore (top left) and the Closet Core Fiona Sundress (top right). We also love stretch denim for skirts like the Sew House Seven Alberta Street Pencil Skirt

What are the best stretch denim fabrics?

Best Stretch Denim Fabrics

We have LOADS of stretch denim. Some faves include (clockwise from top right): White 8.75oz Stretch Cotton DenimOchre 8.75oz Stretch Cotton DenimHinkley 11oz Stretch Cotton DenimSmoke 8.75oz Stretch Cotton DenimBlack 8.75oz Stretch Cotton DenimCinnamon 8.75oz Stretch Cotton DenimMulberry 8.75oz Stretch Cotton Denim, Moss 8.75oz Stretch Cotton Denim.

How should I wash stretch denim?

Wash denim in cold water to help maintain the colour. Once you've sewing your denim garment, wash it inside out. Always air-dry denim. It's fine to use a hot iron if needed. 

Where can I buy stretch denim?

We stock loads of stretch denim at The Village Haberdashery. Plus you might also want to check out our full range of denim fabric and haberdashery and more and sewing patterns for denim!

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