Big Block Baby Duvet tutorial

Over the past week I made a duvet cover for Harvey’s cot and I am so geeked about how great this turned out!

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There are some things that I just can’t buy no matter how busy I feel. Like a duvet cover for Harvey’s bed. I have a fabric shop. What kind of mother would I be if I couldn’t sew two pieces of fabric together to cover his duvet? These are the kind of thoughts that run through my head. Anyway, last week Harvey’s childminder was on holiday so instead of having him part time, I had him full time! I decided to use some of that extra time at home to whip up this duvet cover, finally, before the autumn chill sets in.


This cover is designed to fit a standard cot size duvet and pillow case set (I bought ours on Amazon). I more or less made it up as I went along so I don’t have proper step-by-step instructions to share. But since this is a standard size and a quick make, I thought I’d talk you through what I ended up doing. Sort of an after the fact tutorial!


A cot size duvet is 120cm x 150cm. For the Big Block Baby Duvet, you will need:

*A total of 80 6.5″ blocks for the front of the duvet. I used seven fabrics, so we needed 12 of each (you’ll have four left over). You can get nine blocks of this size out of a fat quarter or 12 blocks out of 35cm x 110cm of fabric.
*150cm of Fanfare flannel for the back
*Another 40cm x 110cm for the back, for strips on the sides and the facing on the buttonhole placket

I adore the fabrics I used. They are a mix of cars and trucks, frogs and snails in bright colours that are boyish and cheerful. The road trip print is a huge favourite and I recommend it to everyone in the shop. The 50 States print is a nod to Harvey’s American side. I just love this mix so much!

Scenic Route – Scenic Drive in Orange
Scenic Route – Cars in Grey
Hatbox – All the States in Aqua
Hatbox – Steamer Trunk in Grey and Green
Far Far Away – Snails in Blue and Orange
Lotus Pond – Hopping Along in Navy
Cotton + Steel Basics – Dottie in Bandana


Here is the layout I used. I was going to lay out the squares randomly, but random is really so much harder, in my opinion!


Sew your blocks into strips, press and sew your strips together. To ensure my seams wouldn’t unravel, I ironed Vilene on the entire back of the duvet top. The Vilene went on like a dream, bonding quickly and securely.




I was dead set on using the Citron organic flannel solid from Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra on the back but of course it’s 110cm wide. So I added 7cm strips of the road trip print on both sides. I also sewed a 1.5″ strip along the bottom of the flannel side to create a facing for the the buttonhole placket. Yes, I swap back and forth between inches and cms because it works for me. Sorry to make things complicated!


Next I sewed the top and back together with a 1/2″ seam allowance so I could overlock the seams. Yes this makes your border blocks less than square. Oh well! Finally I folded the bottom edge under twice and pressed. Decide if you want to use buttons or poppers or velcro and attach before sewing this hem, to hide any stitching inside the hem.


I used seven buttons that coordinated with my theme. I stitched them to the front and put the buttonholes on the back, so they’d show on the plain side.



Harvey usually sleeps on his face and doesn’t much go for pillows, but I decided to make a coordinating flannel pillow case too! He loves it all. Here is a picture I took when the duvet was nearly finished and he’s having a giggle!


On Sunday I took a very indulgent afternoon nap under this duvet and the flannel felt amazing. I highly recommend it for quilt and duvet backs. There is nothing softer!



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