Caroline’s easy peasy 14″ cushion cover tutorial

Caroline has been my right hand in the shop for a little over a year now and in that time she’s become quite talented at sewing and crochet. Lately she’s been dreaming up lots of project ideas for The Daily Stitch and I am thrilled to share her first tutorial with you today! These fat quarter-friendly cushion covers are quick and easy, perfect for brightening or freshening up a room. Thanks, Caroline!


You will need:

  • 2 Fat Quarters (50cm x 56cm)
  • 50cm of Vilene woven interfacing
  • 2 colours matching thread

Caroline Cushion 1

How to:

1. Cut 2 pieces, one smaller than the other one.

Piece A: back – 20’’ x 16’’

Caroline Cushion 2

Caroline Cushion 3

Piece B: front – 12’’ x 16’’

Caroline Cushion 4

2. Interfacing – Iron on the interfacing by placing it in the middle of your main fabric.

Piece A: back – 16’’ x 12’’

Piece B: front – 8’’ x 12”

Caroline Cushion 5

Caroline Cushion 6

3. Make your ties.

Main fabric: Cut two long pieces 10’’ x 1 ½ ’’

Interfacing: 18” x 1’’

Iron on the interfacing. Fold and press one raw edge of the tie, wrong sides together. Then fold the pressed edge over to enclose the other raw edge and create a flat tube. Sew down the middle. (Alternatively you could sew a tube right sides together and turn right side out.)


Caroline Cushion 7

4. Pin piece A to piece B right sides together at the short ends and sew with a 1/4 seam allowance.

Caroline Cushion 8

Optional: Incorporate a fun top stitch to use with a different color of thread. Something that contrasts or makes your prints stand out. Stitch your unique style ½’’ from the seam that connects the different prints.


5. Hem your cushion and add ties.

Caroline Cushion 9

– Fold your hem half an inch and pin a tie to the middle of each side (Around 6 ½’’ from the top)

– Sew both sides.

Caroline Cushion 10

6. Fold right sides together and pin as shown in the picture and sew with 1/4″ seam allowance.

Caroline Cushion 11

7. Flip it right side out.

Caroline Cushion 12




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