Caroline’s scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

Our shop produces an insane amount of micro scraps – those teensy strips we get from cutting a half metre of fabric into two fat quarters. There are loads of fun things you can do with them, and this is one of the best projects I’ve seen. Caroline’s Christmas wreath wowed you on Instagram, so she created a quick how-to for us for a heart shaped version you can make with a wire hanger!

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

You’ll need:

– Wire hanger
– Old towel
– Strips of scrap fabric
– A huge pile of tiny scraps – you can cut larger scraps into strips but they should be about 50cm long
– Wire cutters

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorialSteps:

1. Bend your hanger into a heart shape with the hook at the bottom. Cut off the hook with wire cutters.

2. Cut your towel into 2″ strips and sew them into a long strip. Wrap this strip around the hanger as evenly as possible.

3. Cover the towel with wider scraps of fabric until its nice and chubby.

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

4. Now start with the super skinny scraps, wrapping and layering them until you’re happy with the look. We love the scrappy look so don’t worry about it being too neat and tidy. We used mainly reds and pinks in keeping with the heart theme but all shades are allowed!

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

5. Have fun and don’t forget to tag #tvhhaul if you share your pics on Instagram!

Scrappy heart-shaped wreath tutorial

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