Caroline’s travel eye mask tutorial

In preparation for a recent long-haul flight and a camping trip, Caroline devised this great eye mask using a fun woven fabric on the outside and a soft interlock knit on the inside. It’s a fabulous scrap-buster and such a great little gift idea for the traveler on your Christmas list! Thank you, Caroline!


Tutorial: Eyes covered for a good night’s sleep.

You will need:

*1 piece 10”x 5” quilting cotton, some fun print
*1 piece 10”x 5” soft fabric to go against your face (For example, Interlock Solids in Jet Black will completely block the light. I also used some scraps from dark double gauze from a skirt I made and it worked really well)
*1 piece of wadding or fusible fleeced 10”x5”
*9mm elastic
*Coordinating thread


1. Click the image below to download a pdf pattern for your eye mask. Check that the size will work for your face by measuring your face ear to ear and forehead to nose area to know how wide to make it. This mask is 7” across, 2 ½” wide ( 3” at the widest part), with 1/2” for seam allowance.

Also measure your head ear-to-ear with the elastic to see what’s a comfortable length.

caroline's eye mask pattern with gauge

2. Let’s cut!!!! When cutting the wadding try to cut it a little smaller than the other pieces but big enough to be able to sew through all three layers.


3. Make an eye mask sandwich with your fabrics right side together and your wadding on top. It may also be helpful to mark where your elastic will need to be attached. Pin.


4. Sew along the edge with a 1/2″ seam allowance, slowly and carefully following the shape. When you get to each side, insert the elastic in between the front and back layers of fabric so that the ends are caught in the seam. Leave a gap so you can turn it inside out.





4. Turn inside out, press the edges and pin the opening.



5. Hand-sew the last bit at the end to close.


Now it’s ready to wear!!! Happy camping, happy flight or happy every night!!!



Your dog can also enjoy a good night sleep, like Munchi!!!!!

photo 3

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