Charlotte’s raw-edge applique placemats

This is a guest tutorial from Charlotte of Displacement Activity!

Her project is featured on our homepage:

You will need:

Low loft fusible fleece (two packs needed)
Waterford linen (1.5 m)
Feature fabric (I used Summersville); charm pack/scraps or fat quarters

Makes four placemats, 30 x 45 cm (12 x 18 inches)

1. Prewash your linen, and iron it while it is still damp. I don’t normally bother prewashing fabric, but linen shrinks quite a lot and it’s better to get this out of the way before you start sewing.

2. Cut four pieces of fusible fleece to the finished size of your placemats. Following the instructions on the packet, fuse each one to a piece of linen that is 1 – 2 cm larger all around.

3. Cut another piece of linen about the same size. Pin the two pieces together with the fleece on the outside (right sides together):

4. Stitch together, using the edge of the fleece as a guide. Leave a 10 cm gap in the stitching for turning later. I like to use my walking foot for this step because the linen is quite stretchy.

5. Trim the seam allowance to about 0.5 cm all around except for the opening.

6. Turn and press carefully, pushing the corners out with a pointy thing. Slip stitch the opening closed by hand. Do not be tempted to topstitch. It will end badly. How do I know? Take a look:

7. Cut several circles of different sizes from your feature fabric. I drew around a paint tin and a can of beans. You could do something clever with a compass if you want.

8. Pin the circles to your placemat in whatever design you like. You can make all the mats the same or have each one different, it’s totally up to you. I am terminally indecisive so I made four different patterns.

9. Using a free motion embroidery foot with the stitch length set to 0, stitch all around each circle about 1 – 2 mm from the edge. I like to leave my feed dogs up to help with the tension.

10. Have fun as the children fight over which mat is theirs.

Thank you Charlotte!

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