Christmas Eve mitred napkin tutorial

Light a Candle Canvas in Multi from Rashida Coleman-Hale‘s Moonlit collection has been a favourite of mine since the collection was first revealed. I love how the bright colours pop against the linen background and the beauty in the uncomplicated design. I think it’s a perfect fit for these simple napkins that I sewed up as a birthday gift for my mum. I’m calling them Christmas Eve napkins because I think they will look lovely at a festive family gathering! Read on to see how I made the mitred corners.

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Cotton/linen canvas fabric – one metre for every four napkins
Coordinating thread


I used a Habitat napkin as a guide, so my napkins are 42cm square before hemming and you’ll get four out of a metre. Feel free to cut your napkins to any size you wish.


Pressing and sewing:

To hem, fold and press each edge in 3/8 inch.


Then fold again and press 1/2 inch.


To make the mitred corner, unfold each corner and press the corner in 1 5/8″.


Fold the corner under and press again.


Refold all of your hems and stitch them down close to the edge.


When you get to each corner, lift your foot and pivot.


Repeat as many times as desired.


And, voila! You have napkins!

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