Coreopsis Lime Sorbetto

I’ve finished the Sorbetto I’ve been sewing for my stepdaughter for KCWC!

After she tried it on, it required several alterations. First, it was way too long. I copied a knit top which worked well in the longer length but wasn’t right in the cotton Sorbetto. It was also hard for her to get it on and off because the fabric doesn’t have any stretch. So here’s what I did:

1. Cut the length significantly. Then because that seemed a fraction too short (ugh!) especially for a growing girl, I finished it with bias tape.

2. Cut the back in half and sewed it back together, so I could leave an opening at the top. Then I added a button (she chose it from my button bag) and made a tiny matching button loop.

Here’s what that looks like:

A close up of that button:

And the cute little loop:

Although this required a lot more work than I’d planned, I’m really happy with it in the end. She also seems to love it – she’s usually the most pleased when she has had some voice in how the garment is made and in this case choosing the button was very important!

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