Craft Supplies in the shop!

One of the big plans we have for our business is to expand into other areas of craft. If you’ve read our investor page, our Crowdcube crowdfunding pitch or our business plan (request a copy via Crowdcube if you want!) you know that our goal is to be the one stop shop for the modern maker. We plan to make our new space at West Hampstead Square a craft lifestyle shop, filled with inspiration for living creatively and adding handmade to every part of your life. That doesn’t mean we’ll be cutting back at all in the sewing or knitting or stitching areas of our shop (those will grow too!) but we do want to be able to supply and inspire makers in papercraft, card making, party crafts and more. There is just so much fun to be had making all the things.

When I learned recently that we wouldn’t be able to open our new shop until the middle of 2016 (building delays, again) I brainstormed and came up with some ways to reorganise the shop and start adding new craft supplies now. Forget waiting six months! We put in new shelves to create an even more impressive wall of fabric on the east wall of the shop and started carving out space on the back wall for new products. And then we started shopping for those new products. So. Much. Fun.

Here is what the back wall of our shop looks like now, although it’s evolving daily…

Craft Supplies at The Village Haberdashery


And here is what the new Craft Supplies section of our website looks like. You can also find some of these products in the Sewing and Patchwork/Notions and Tools category as well as some other areas of the site because there is crossover for many of these products.

New Craft Supplies section on The Village Haberdashery website

I hope you’re as thrilled as we are with the direction our shop is taking! If you pop by this weekend during our Anniversary Sale you’ll be able to see these changes in person!

And please do feel free to drop me a note at with your thoughts and to suggest new products to add. We will also be adding tutorials for some of these products to the mix here on The Daily Stitch. If you have any ideas to pitch, we’d love to hear them!

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