Dead simple felt Christmas garland

Are you kind of freaking out that it’s nearly December, nearly Christmas and nearly time to start decorating? I’m not, really, except that we’ve been running all sorts of awesome Christmas classes in the shop and I can see how prepared everyone else is getting! We are going to my hometown of Seattle on Monday for Thanksgiving, so I’ll reserve my actual freaking out for when we come back.

In anticipation, I whipped up a dead simple felt garland for this week’s project to show you that decking the halls doesn’t have to be complicated. Yay for that! I used traditional red and green but you can use anything you like. I’m kind of digging the fact that ice blue and hot pink are working their way into modern Christmas decor, aren’t you?


You need:

Wool felt pieces (I used four and it worked out to about 11 metres of garland. Whoa.)
About a metre of ribbon
Coordinating thread
Latest episode of Scandal (or similar)


Let’s go:

1. Stack your felt pieces and line them up on the cutting mat. Cut 5cm strips.


2. Turn them, or turn your mat, or turn yourself, and cut the strips into 5cm squares.


Now, turn on the TV, grab those squares and get comfortable in front of your sewing machine.


3. Cut your ribbon in half and position one half on the middle of a piece of felt and secure it with a few back and forth stitches.




4. Starting with the piece attached to the ribbon, start sewing your felt squares together, one after another, as closely together as possible without overlapping.



5. Finish by attaching the remaining piece of ribbon to your last felt square.




Admire your massive pile of garland, then hang wherever you want some Christmas cheer!



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