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Doe by Carolyn Friedlander now in stock (here and only here!)

We are beside ourselves with glee that we have taken stock of Doe by Carolyn Friedlander! Somehow, we got it first, before it was even announced to the world at next month’s Quilt Market. And I’ve been told it won’t actually ship to US shops until December. Amazing, right? So here it is!


These pictures are from scans we made after chopping up our cards, so they aren’t quite as vivid or sharp as the fabric is in real life. We’ll try to get new pictures up soon now that we have the real fabric. You can build a Doe bundle, shop the complete Doe collection or choose from the Kona coordinates we’ve pulled together.


So what’s the secret? How did we get this fabric first? Just dumb luck! A few weeks ago I asked my rep if he knew if there’d be a new collection from Carolyn at this market (I thought there would be, since she didn’t release one at Spring Market) and he sent me some tiny images he pulled off of the Robert Kaufman site that only distributors can access. When I told him I’d take it all, he placed an order and totally out of the blue, it arrived this week! So…enjoy!

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