Easter project inspiration!

Here’s a few things you may not know about how Americans celebrate Easter. I know traditions vary from family to family, but I think mine are pretty typical.

1. The main chocolate gift is not an egg, like it is here, but a bunny! And the ears are the best part. I always think the egg/bunny disconnect between my two countries is really funny.

2. We dye Easter eggs, usually using little kits of food-safe dye. My first Easter in England I bought fancy duck eggs because I thought they needed to be white (most eggs that you’ll find at the supermarket in America are white). Since then I’ve just bought normal brown eggs and the colours that come out are really gorgeous. My mum sends the kits from America. It’s totally okay to eat the eggs after they’ve been dyed.

3. Kids get an Easter basket filled with mostly sweets (and the bunny) and also other little treats. It’s usually the same basket every year and it’s usually filled with fake plastic grass and plastic eggs filled with sweets. I’ve also had to bring over the plastic eggs and grass and believe me – it’s really hard to find an easter basket around here! In my family the basket was hidden in the house and we had to find it.

I got sucked down the rabbit hole (heh) on pinterest and found a lot of lovely Easter craft ideas that reminded me that Easter is really right around the corner and I need to place my order with my mum for my essentials. Pop over and have a look if you fancy some Easter/spring crafting! Some of these are no-sew, cooking or just random prettiness.

Easter Craft Project Ideas Curated by The Village Haberdashery



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