Emily’s Hexagon Playmat Bag tutorial

This week we have a fabulous tutorial from Emily of Strawberry Patch Ramblings! She’s created an adorable playmat that draws up into a bag so you can carry your toys on the go or tidy away your play area instantly! Here it is in our homepage photo as a playmat:

Play Mat
And here I am modelling it as a bag! Now I’ll turn it over to Emily to tell you how she created this genius project. Thank you Emily!
I was so excited to play with the wonderful new Briar Rose collection. It has such a beautiful soft hand and combined with the sweet details in the prints I knew it would be perfect for this little baby project. A sweet playmat perfect for play dates and travelling with little ones, fill it up with toys and picnic treat as it draws up into a handy bag.
Fabric required:
6 fat quarters for patchwork top
Wadding 45” x 45” (Crib size pack most suitable)
1 ¼ meters of fabric for backing (44”wide)
½” meter of fabric for binding (44” wide)
4 Meters of strong ribbon or cord for drawstring
Assembly Directions:
Use an accurate ¼” seam allowance throughout
Cutting instructions:
Trim the longest side of the fat quarters to 22” if it is not already.

playmat 1

Cut a rectangle 12 ½” x 22” then subcut the rectangle on the diagonal. Retain leftover strip for later.

playmat 2

Repeat with the remaining five fat quarters.
Sewing the Patchwork Top:

Arrange triangles into a hexagon layout.

playmat 3

Taking two triangles at a time sew them together to create 6 segments. Press seam allowances.

playmat 4

playmat 5

Sew three segments together to give you a half hexagon.

Repeat with the remaining segments to give you the second half. Press seam allowances.

playmat 6

Join the two halves, this time pressing the seam open to reduce bulk.


Layer the patchwork front and backing fabric with the wadding to make a quilt sandwich. Pin into place or spray baste using 505 basting spray.

playmat 7

Quilt as desired. I chose to echo the six segments of the hexagon with some evenly spaced straight line quilting.

Once quilted trim the excess wadding.

playmat 8

Attaching drawstring Channels
Take 4 strips from those you retained from cutting the fat quarters earlier.  You are looking for two strips for the outside of the drawstring channels, I chose the two strawberry prints, and two for the inside of the channels, as these will not be seen I used two of the solid strips. Check that the strips are 7” x 22” (if not then trim to
size). Subcut into six 7” x 3 ½”.

playmat 9

playmat 10

Take one printed strip and one solid strip and place RST.

Sew down the two short sides, backstitching at  the beginning and end.

playmat 11

Turn the right way out and press flat, then press in half along the length.

playmat 12

Repeat until you have made 12 of these units.

playmat 13
Pin into place along the edge of the playmat on the back, two per side and position evenly, I spaced mine 3 ½” in from the edges. Machine baste into place 1/8” from the edge.

Finishing the bag

Bind using your preferred method.

playmat 14

I like to use a 2 ½” straight strip binding machine sewn down onto the back of the playmat and then hand sew down onto the front.

playmat 15

playmat 16

Thread the ribbon or cord through the channels using a bodkin or large safety pin.

playmat 18

playmat 17

playmat 19

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