Emmajane’s “Vincent” Star table runner, table mats and coasters

We absolutely love this matching set of table mats, table runner and coasters designed by Emmajane McNulty of Stitch and Pieces! It’s just so lovely and inspiring, we could see making up a set for every season. Stitched up in Arcadia by Sarah Watson, this set is gorgeous for summer (like our outdoor picnic style setting we chose for the homepage shot!) But wouldn’t a Christmas version be fun too? And perhaps one in all solids? Ahhh, so much fun. Thank you, Emmajane!


This table runner, table mats and coasters set is a quick project to add a splash of colour to meal times. I love making table mats because they are quilts on a mini scale and are so much faster to put together than a full size quilt. They also make great gifts for friends who need a little fabric loveliness in their lives.

I used 11 fat quarters, a combination of patterned prints from Arcadia by Cloud9 for this project and a metre of Kona Cotton Solid in Windsor for the backing. This project works best if you use contrast colour combinations to emphasise the star shape. I divided my fat quarters into two main groups; five “blues” and five “lights”. The eleventh fat quarter was used to border the stars in the table runner.

I hope you enjoy making this project as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Fabric Requirements:
11 fat quarters (five “blues”, five “lights”, one to border the table runner)
1m fabric for the all the backing and also the binding for the coasters (I used Kona Cotton Solid in Windsor)
1.1 m of 45” wide wadding
Finished table runner size 12½” x 32½”
Finished table mat size 11½” square
Finished coaster size 4” square
Seam allowance is ¼” unless stated otherwise
Press all seams open unless stated otherwise

To make the Table Runner:

Cutting and Preparation:

To make the front of the table runner:

Cut 12 3¼” squares from the light fabrics.
Cut 12 3¼” squares from the blue fabrics.
Cut 12 2½” squares from the blue fabrics.
Cut 3 4½” squares from the light fabrics. (As these are the centre of the star, it works best to have patterned fabrics here and not solids.)
Cut 4 9” x 2½” strips from the border fabric.
Cut 2 33” x 2½” strips in the border fabric (for these larger strips you will need to cut strips of fabric and join them together to get the required length.)
Cut 1 14” x 34” from Kona Windsor for the backing fabric.
Cut 1 14” x 34” piece of wadding.

There will be plenty of fabric leftover from the fat quarters to create scrappy binding which also adds a zing to the finished project, so leave making the binding until the piecing and quilting have been completed.


Make half square triangles (HST) by drawing a diagonal from corner to corner of each blue 3¼” square. Pair with a 3¼” light square and right sides together sew ¼” down either side of the line. Cut on the line, open out and press seams to make HSTs. Trim to 2½” squares.

HSTs star table mats

Sew these together in pairs to create the points of your star and press the seams. Remember to piece these as mirror images to create the correct contrast between your light and blue fabrics.
You are now ready to piece the star together. The photo shows you the different elements.

Star mats piecing

When you have created all three stars it is now time to add the borders. Sew your 9” x 2½” border strips between the stars and at the end to create the length of the runner. Press your seams. Now sew the long border strips you cut and pieced earlier to the top and bottom of the runner. Press seams and the table runner.

Now piece the three blocks together using the smaller border fabric. Press the seams and then sew the large border strips to the top and the bottom.

Press the table runner top really well and remove any loose threads.

Basting and Quilting:

Make the quilt sandwich, using your preferred method. Quilt as desired. I quilted three stars, following the star shapes on the table runner using my walking foot. I used Aurifil Cotton 50Wt thread #2024, which is a brilliant white colour on the front and #2780 on the back which matched the blue backing fabric.

Trim the table runner in preparation for attaching the binding.


Scrappy binding works brilliantly on the runner and mats, especially if you sew the binding fabrics together in a blue, light, blue sequence.

Cut 2½” strips from the leftover fat quarters. Sew end to end until you have about 100”. I started and ended the binding with the same fabric because I think it gives a more professional finish to the table runner when completed.

Fold binding in half lengthwise and press well.

Attach binding by machine using a ¼” seam and then finish by hand or machine.


To make the Table Mats:

Cut 16 4” squares from the light fabrics.
Cut 16 4” squares from the blue fabrics.
Cut 16 3¼” squares from the light fabrics.
Cut 4 6” squares from the blue fabrics. (Again, as these are the centre of the star, it works best to have patterned fabrics here and not solids.)
Cut 4 12½” squares from Kona Windsor for the backing fabric.
Cut 4 12½” x 12½” pieces of wadding.


Each placemat follows the order for making the table runner, although this time your blue fabrics will make up the star shape and the light fabrics will frame the star. There will also be no border, so these are speedy to piece together. The only difference is that this time your HSTs are made from pairing light and blue 4” squares. When you have made these then trim them to make 3¼” squares.

Basting and Quilting:

For each of the table mats make a quilt sandwich. Quilt to match the table runner. This time I quilted with Aurifil Cotton 50Wt thread #2780 on the front and back because the stars on the table mats are made with the blue fabrics.


Repeat how you made the scrappy binding for the table runner. This time you will need approximately 50” for each table mat. You need four of these in total.


To make the coasters:

Cutting and Preparation:

Cut 2 5” squares from the light fabrics.
Cut 2 5” squares from the blue fabrics.
Cut 4 5½” squares from the backing fabric.
Cut 4 5½” x 5½” pieces of wadding.
Cut 4 2½” x 20” strips of backing fabric to make the binding.


The coasters are made up from simple quarter square triangles. Pair each of the two light 5” squares with a blue 5” square. Place them right sides together and draw two diagonal lines on each of the blue squares. Sew a ¼” line down either side of one line only. Then cut along both drawn lines. You will now have two quarter square triangles. Press all seams and sew together two sets of quarter square triangles with a ¼” seam to create a square of four triangles. Press all seams.

QSTs star coasters

Basting and Quilting:

For each of the coasters make a quilt sandwich with a 5½” square of backing fabric and wadding. I quilted two sets of tramlines, following the lines of the triangles. I quilted with white thread on the front and blue thread on the back. Trim each coaster to create a 4” square.


As you are working on a small scale it is best to use one fabric here for the binding. Use the strips to create your binding and attach either by machine on by hand.


That’s it, you’re done! It’s now time to set the table and enjoy a nice meal!


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