Essential cutting tools: what you need to know!

We have lots of great cutting tools in stock, but what are they all for?! Here is a quick round-up to help you out.

General use scissors

For chopping up paper. These ones are great! You’ll need a pair of these on hand for cutting sewing patterns, pattern paper and for general crafts so you don’t even think about using your fabric scissors!

Dressmaking Shears

For cutting fabric and only fabric! Our Fiskars Classic Dressmaking Shears are perfect for cutting all fabrics and are 10″ in length. These are the classic – the ones your mum probably kept locked up (and is still using, because they are for life!)

Embroidery Scissors

Mainly used for snipping threads when doing embroidery and cross stitch projects but can be useful for snipping seams and other more intricate things too. Choose from the classic Fiskars or everyone’s favourite stork scissors here.

Rotary Cutters

A quilters best friend but also handy for dressmakers and other projects too. These are like pizza wheels for fabric! We also have a mini cutter (28mm) for curves and smaller projects. Rotary cutters should always be used with a self healing cutting mat underneath to protect your work surfaces. Quilting rulers are also a must for straight lines. Never use with just a normal ‘school ruler’ as it will slice chunks out of it! We have some handy starter kits available which include the cutter, a mat and ruler.

Thread Snips

Snip off all those flyaway threads with these! They are spring loaded snips that are designed to be operated quickly when cutting threads as you go. Plus they are designed to let you get very close to your stitches.

Pinking Shears

To create a zig zag cut in your fabric. Is good for finishing seams and will prevent fraying on most fabrics. You can also get a pinking blade for your rotary cutter – cool!

Buttonhole Cutter

This handy little gadget is just for cutting open those buttonholes once you have stitched them. No more accidentally slicing open your stitches!

Seam Ripper

Mistakes do happen and this is the tool for undoing those stitches! An absolute essential for your sewing kit, and we love the Clover version for that comfy handle (which you’ll be grateful for if and when you need to unpick a loooong seam!)

Decorative paper scissors

Fun for card making and scrapbooking to create decorative edges.

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