Even more new Nani Iro by Naomi Ito

More Nani Iro! Seriously, this is it for a while.

There are three colours of the Freedom Garden design. All three are on double gauze and they all feature either neon or shimmery metallic ink, or both. This is so cool! 




Then there is this beautiful cotton sateen called Shine Many Ways.

JG10131-1B JG10131-1B_close

Another colourway of the Sen Ritsu design, this time in double gauze. Hard to see, but there is some shimmery, pearly ink in this design.


JG10160-1B_close up

And, finally, Nuance in Muji Viol is back! For the third time! The last time we had a bolt of this it went in two days. So we got two more bolts…we’ll see how long they last! Amazing stuff. Double gauze.


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