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Fabric scraps nesting baskets

We did a handmade Christmas Eve gift exchange this year with some of my family. Ed and I didn’t actually get our gifts in the post to the States in time. Everything we did this year was last minute. In fact our cards haven’t even gone out (some English wife I’m turning out to be!) But we did manage to finish our gifts in time to send pictures for Christmas Eve.

I was making for my aunt Patty this year so I sewed up these nesting boxes. She’s a teacher and I thought they’d look pretty on her desk, or really anywhere organisation is needed. It was a great opportunity to use up some or the gorgeous shot cotton scraps I have left over from the star quilt (which I promise I’ll pick back up again someday…) I also used linen scraps from the Miscellany table runner.

The pattern I used as a template I found on the Sometimes Crafter. I used wadding instead of interfacing so mine are smooshier, but they stand up just fine. And because I used wadding I quilted them with random straight lines in hot pink to match the scraps. I love the result, especially on the largest basket. There are a few little “design elements” (read: mistakes) because, you know, I never leave enough of a seam allowance, but nothing I can’t live with – in fact, I like them so much I might make myself a set!

This is also our first real play around with the cubelite and wood “set” we got to take photos for the shop. That is a just a big, lovely, reclaimed hunk of wood and I love it!

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