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Fairy tale quilt

Last Autumn, I decided I wanted to make DSD, who was five a the time, a quilt. When I saw Heather Ross’s Far Far Away II I thought it would be absolutely perfect. I was just discovering fabric designers and hadn’t ever really seen fabric like this, both whimsical and modern. I went for girly, choosing all the pinks and purples, yet I don’t think it’s over the top¬†because the drawings are more playful than cutesy. And I love the details – Rapunzel’s hairpins are scattered around her tower as her braids come loose.

This is one of the blocks. I made it up because I wanted something that would showcase all the designs. I decided to try to mix each block up so that no two would be exactly the same, or would at least not be next to another one that was the same. That was hard! It’s nearly perfect but after it was all sewn together I caught one mistake.

This is only my second quilt. The first was a small cot quilt that I started in a course. What I learned in the course was how to piece together a simple quilt top. I didn’t learn any of the really tricky things, like pinning and binding and putting the whole thing together. Thank goodness for the internet!

Pinning was a huge job. We live in a flat and this quilt took up the entire floor of our living room! It’s big enough for an English king-size bed, or maybe even something bigger.

Quilting was a workout. I stitched about half an inch from every seam and using a walking foot for the first time was brilliant. But when I looked at the whole thing I thought there was no way I would be able to get half the quilt through my machine to do the middle. Somehow I pulled and pushed and stopped and started and had a glass of wine and did a bit at a time and just made it work!

I backed the quilt in Kona Baby Pink and bound it with bias strips from an old sheet. I loved the thread I used РGutermann Sulky in pinky white. It made for lovely designs on the back.

It took me months to finish this quilt, stopping and starting, and I finally finished in the Spring. Here’s what it looks like on a bed! It’s heavy and cozy and lovely and I’m so proud. I wanted to take some cool outdoor shots like Ashley at Film in the Fridge, but this thing is too heavy to lift!

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