Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra is now in stock!

In case you missed it, Fanfare by Rae Hoekstra (aka Made by Rae) is here! This super soft, cosy, sweet, charming, adorable organic flannel collection is just so lovely. Not only is it wonderful to look at all by itself, it has the power to make you squeal with cute overload every time you see it made into something. I mean have you seen Rae’s blog tour? This outfit from Probably Actually is to die for. These nightgowns from Craftiness is not Optional are too darling for words. These Oliver + S pyjama trousers at Skirt as Top? Cute overload I tell you!

Of course you want to make everything for kids out of these flannels. Of course you do. But no one is saying you can’t make something for yourself! How about making up a pair of Tofinos in our upcoming class? Brilliant idea if I do say so. I think it might be pink ellies for me…


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