Fat Quarterly Retreat

How amazing does it feel to have two fabulous days off behind us but still have two more ahead? Long weekends! Yay! One of my top priorities is catching up on my blogging. And that starts with the Fat Quarterly Retreat!

I’m so impressed with the weekend that Tacha, Katy, John, Brioni and Lynne organised. Seriously impressed. Besides the event itself, which I’ll get to, I want to mention how important I think real-life events are for our community. I’m spoiled, truly, to have the Modern Quilt Guild but not everyone has a group like ours. In my experience, telling people you quilt is still often met by funny faces or blank stares, which means even with the incredibly engaged online community we have it can feel a little lonely if you don’t ever spend time with people who share your craft. John kicked off the weekend by reminding everyone to feel okay joining a group or encouraging someone else to join a conversation which set just the right tone.

My classes were great. Besides learning something new in all of them, it was just a pleasure to sew around other people. And it just feels different to have a teacher and other sewers around than to follow of youtube video or blog tutorial (not that those aren’t an incredibly valuable resource too). Even if you think you know how to do something, hearing how someone else does it can open your mind. The first day I was really distracted by all of the excitement and didn’t finish much, but I’ll be showing you what I did make in future blog posts. Hold me to it…

I participated in the Iron Man with Siobhan, Trash, Anna, Karen and Pennie. We didn’t win, but the process of quickly planning a quilt top and then smashing out a few blocks together was really cool. We basically worked in shifts, with Shevvy and I taking the first – me slicing through fabric unapologetically and Shevvy stitching it improvisationally. Here is me in front of our finished quilt top at the very end of the show! (Apologies for not having any pictures but this one!)

It was also just a lot of fun to meet the women who I’d only previously met online and have an excuse to hang out with the members of the LMQG. Ruth even made us badges! Between Retreat and Quilt Market, I’ve had loads of opportunities to spend time with people in this community and it just makes me so happy! I don’t take for granted how lucky I am, believe me.

*Ooops! I almost forgot to mention my mum was here! Coincidentally she and my dad were in town for the weekend and she came along to the retreat. That was brilliant too!

Thanks Fat Quarterly team! Can’t wait for next year…


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