Felt Christmas wreath

We flew back from the States early early on Sunday morning. In America Christmas officially kicks off the Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday!) when all of the trees were lit. Despite the fact that England doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, the Christmas season seems to have been switched on at the same time. We came home to lights, lit-up trees and all sorts of decorations. Love.

We aren’t buying our tree until next weekend when we have my stepdaughter at ours. But I was craving some Christmas spirit and in need of a quickish crafty project. Although I have about a hundred things on my to-do list, last night I pulled out a pack of cheap hobby felt we bought at the art store and I made a holly wreath (whilst watching gossip girl and glee on my computer, yay!). It was easy as pie and I can’t wait to glue it together and hang it on our door – our first family Christmas wreath!

Here’s a preview. It’s unglued and unhung, but you get the picture.

If you want to make one like ours, cut out holly using this image as a guide and some circles from about 1″ squares. Glue it all together and then onto a circle of felt and you’re done! If you want more specific instructions let me know in the comments and I’ll write up a tutorial!

P.S. That’s what a warped cutting mat looks like. Do not, I repeat, do not! iron on your cutting mat!

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