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Five unexpected no-sew ways to use fabric in your home

We’re starting a new series on The Daily Stitch with interior designer Sarah Sparrow from The Bahay Club! Sarah will be writing about DIY style for your home and offering new ideas to inspire us! In her first post here she’s rounded up five awesome ideas for using fabric in your home in totally unexpected ways. Take it away, Sarah!

Five unexpected ways to use fabric in your home
“A piece of fabric can get me going”

Anna Sui

As an interior designer, I can really relate to Anna Sui and her above quote. I absolutely love fabric and could spend hours browsing the different patterns and colours.

I believe that the right fabric can provide inspiration for a whole room design or it can simply bring in a pop of colour or a bold pattern that will bring an otherwise neutral room, to life.

Now, I bet that when you read the above, you were imagining curtains in a room or even a cushion on a sofa but who is to say this is the only place you can use fabric in your home?

Read on to discover some amazingly fun and inexpensive ways to use your favourite fabrics in different ways in your home.

1. Fabric on walls

Apartment Therapy

Fabric on walls, you say?  You must be mad!  However, this is known as a being an “army wife” trick and you can see in the above image, from Apartment Therapy, that it really does work!  It does take a little bit of practice and time but it is a great, and bold, way to introduce fabric into your room.  It is perfect for people who like to change their interior spaces regularly or renters as, unlike wallpaper, it can be applied easily without damaging the wall underneath and can be removed when you leave!  See this website for step-by-step instructions.

How about starting small and using this fabric from the Village Haberdashery on the inside of your fitted wardrobe to really make you smile on that miserable Monday morning?

Fiesta Fun by Dana Willard

2. Fabric on furniture 

This opens up a plethora of different ways you can use fabric in your home.  One of my favourites, however, is using a plastic or wooden chair to cover in fabric.  One of both Annie’s and my favourite US interior designers, Emily Henderson, has demonstrated how this can really add a pop of colour to the room.

Designer Trapped

I, for one, am utterly amazed at how great this can look and how you can recreate the pattern on an upholstered chair that may be way out of your budget, as Designer Trapped did.

Another great way to use fabric is to update a sideboard such as below.  If you look at Design Sponge’s project below, you can see how this fabric makeover can transform a knackered chest of drawers to a modern and stylish sideboard.

Design Sponge

I love this fabric for a study chair – it is fun and quirky and will really add some interest to a room.

Buck Forest in Twilight by Bonnie Christine

3. Fabric on mirrors

This is a really lovely way to create an unusual mirror; a real talking point in the room.  I love the idea of using a rather bright colour here to add a pop to the room instead of perhaps the traditional way of using cushions.  See here on Just a Girl’s blog how such a simple thing can change the whole aesthetic of the room. The picture below is from Creekline House.

Creekline House

A fabric such as the below would look great on a mirror for a fun and colourful playroom.

Brush Strokes by Holly DeGroot

4. Fabric as Art

This is a fabulous and inexpensive way to introduce your favourite fabric into your room.  I absolutely love Rifle Paper Company Fabrics and have done this in my own home – it really adds something different to the room that people do not expect.  See here for the easy instructions – if I can do it, so can you!


Glitter and Glue

When framing fabrics, I really like combining patterns but keeping a common thread such as a colour, as below.

All three of these fabrics are available at The Village Haberdashery – why not pop in and see what combinations you can put together as art work?

Frame your fabric like art prints!

5. Fabric on Door Knobs

This is another incredibly easy and cheap way to update a knackered chest of draws or wardrobe.  I suggest using smaller print patterns for this, such as the Cath Kidston prints used in the photo above by Livinator, so you can really appreciate the design.

See here for step-by-step instructions on how to do this cheap and easy update.

I love the below fabric for door knobs – it’s cheerful and will brighten up the drabbest piece of furniture.

Frolic by Sarah York

Some other great ideas are:

I hope the above has given you all a little bit of inspiration and please do let me know if you try any of them out – I’d love to see the results!

Thanks, Sarah! You can follow Sarah on Instagram at @thebahayclub and contact her on 

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