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We decided not to go away for the bank holiday weekend because we have so much going on in the next few weeks/months (including, ahem, a wedding!) and the time off has been absolutely brilliant for sewing and knitting projects. Today, I finally tackled Maddie’s flower girl handbag.

I had it in my head that Maddie’s bag should match my shoes. We’ll both be in white (well, I’ll be in ivory) but I have fuchsia shoes and I thought it would be cute for her to have a pop of colour too. So a few weeks ago I dragged Ed all over Soho looking in every fabric shop for the perfect silk. I walked around like a nutter holding my shoe up. Nothing matched. So I bought a floral print at Liberty. You know, because every little London girl needs a Liberty handbag.

But then I had second thoughts and decided to go back and buy the very closest silk dupioni I’d found. And then I thought that since both fabrics were so lovely that I should make a reversible bag so she could decide which way to wear it. Because every little girl needs a reversible handbag. And it would need two straps, short and long. Obviously.

So now this bag project has become not only kind of expensive (for a flower girl bag anyway – you know these bags can be bought for around a fiver in John Lewis right?) and because I want it to be reversible it’s also becoming quite complicated. But no matter. I had a very serious think about how to achieve my vision and even did a mock up with an old sheet (not messing about with the Liberty!)

And here’s the result. Not bad, eh?

Please also take a moment to admire my shoes!

This bag is ridiculously customisable. The opening is elastic so it can just flip inside out. There are two straps, one long and one short, that can be worn with the silk or the Liberty showing. The straps are held on by buttons and can be attached on the inside or the outside of the bag (there are four buttons all together, two on the inside and two on the outside, alternating). Here is another view with the bag flipped to the pink side with the long strap attached from the inside.

I really hope she likes it!!

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