For the kids! Easter Weekend competition at our West Hampstead shop

Tonight we’ll be setting up our Alice in Wonderland display at our West Hampstead shop featuring fabrics from the Wonderland collection by Rifle Paper Co.! If you want to be one of the first to see you can find our Easter Weekend opening hours here (the main thing is we’re closed on Easter Sunday).

To make things extra fun for the kids, on Saturday and Monday we’ll be playing a game in the shop! The winner will receive a £5 gift voucher and everyone who participates will get a chocolate. Read on to find out what we have planned…

Alice in Wonderland by Rifle Paper Co

The King of Hearts is in a panic and needs your help this Easter! He sent this message:

Happy Easter, West Hampstead! Please can you help me?

I am in a bit of a pickle here: All of our playing cards are hiding because they are scared that the Queen of Hearts will chop off their heads for planting the wrong colour roses in the garden! We need to find them all quickly so they can paint them the right colour before she sees them!

Also see if you can find the Knave of Hearts. He has stolen her Tarts again!

They can’t have gone far. Have a look around the shop to see if you can see them!

Thank you!

There are playing cards hiding throughout the shop and each card has a letter written on it. Unscramble the letters to spell an Easter word and you’ll be entered to win the prize! You can pop in any time on Saturday or Monday to play.

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