For West Hampstead customers! Check out the Localove app

This post is really only going to be relevant for customers who live in the West Hampstead area, but the app I’m talking about is pretty cool so feel free to read on if you live elsewhere!


A few months ago Localove launched in West Hampstead. There are plans for a wider release but we got the app first because the founder is local. The tagline is ‘everyone’s local market’ and the idea is that local businesses can post news, events and offers for customers (and potential customers) in the neighbourhood.


If you download the app (or check out the website) you can find out what’s happening within a two mile radius of where you are. Every time I look at Localove, I discover a cool business or event I wasn’t aware of. Coding classes for kids? A sale at Passionate About Vintage? Movie night in the park? And the app will just keep on getting better as more people get involved. Give it a try here!

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