Free Fashion Machine Knitting Demonstration with Atelier Conquet

We have something so cool to tell you about today! We are delighted to partner with Judella Conquet of Atelier Conquet to host a special fashion machine knitting demonstration in our West Hampstead shop on Sunday, 30 September, 11am - 1pm. In this free session you will learn how knitted samples are designed and produced using a domestic knitting machine. You'll get a chance to try the machine yourself and make a sample to keep!

During the session, Judella will demonstrate how to use the punch card mechanism to make a range of stitches including the tuck stitch, slip stitch, fair isle, weaving and lace. She'll also show you how to incorporate hand manipulation techniques to make cables, holes, loops, ladders and more! Plus she'll talk about how you can combine machine knitting with decorative handcrafts such as cross stitch, beading, screen printing, embroidery and applique. 

Please reserve your place for this exciting event by clicking here

Fashion Machine Knitting Sample


Atelier Conquet is a multi-discipline design studio offering workshops in Fashion knitwear. Established in 2015, Atelier Conquet’s founder, Judella Conquet, developed workshops where she can demonstrate the versatility of knitwear. These workshops consist of the technical aspects of machine knitting and the supporting part of design, namely digital illustrations. The workshop sessions are designed for you to gain a wide range of knowledge related to the knitwear industry, next to the above mentioned you will also be working on a portfolio of yarns.



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