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Gift wrapping inspiration and 14 top tips with Gift Wrap Guru Jane Means

When it comes to gift wrapping your Christmas presents, you can wait until the last minute and let it stress you out or you can make it a fun event, with Christmas treats, mulled wine and lots of creativity! We have loads of supplies for wrapping beautiful gifts, including pretty gift wrap and plenty of DIY supplies for decorating your packages.

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Gift Wrap and DIY Supplies

For gift wrapping tips and inspiration this year, we turned to award-winning British ribbon designer and gift wrapping specialist Jane Means, who has wrapped a gift for the Queen and various celebrities! Who better to give us some top tips this Christmas for wrapping up all those presents? Take it away Jane…

Jane Means

1. Ensure you stock up well on materials early as you always need more paper and ribbon than you think and will face last minute gifts.

2. Double sided tape will give a professional finish. If you are using sticky tape, try and use minimal amounts and aim to place it where you would tie your ribbon so you don’t see it.

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means

3. It’s a good idea to buy plenty of non festive paper such as dots or stripes which can easily be accessorised for Christmas.

4. Accessorise your wrapping with embellishments. You can use recycled baubles, inexpensive brooches from flea markets for a glamorous look.

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means

5. Always remember to measure twice and cut once. Not only will it make the wrapping process easier but you will have less waste.

6. When wrapping a box, just measure a small overlap and the sides shouldn’t be any higher than the box. Any rough edges should be folded under.

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means

7. For awkward shapes go for flexible wrapping such as tissue, cellophane or netting.

8. For extra large items use a paper tablecloth or a large piece of fabric, place the item in to the centre and gather. Secure with ribbon.

9. For a rustic and inexpensive looks, head out for a country walk and sticks, cones and foliage. These look really stylish and are perfect for a nature lover. Large Ivy leaves can also be used as natural Gift tags (just use a metallic gel pen).

10. If you are running short of festive wrap, you can wrap a gift in plain brown paper and add a strip of Christmas decorative paper. Tie and ribbon bow over the strip and it looks like a creative masterpiece.

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means

11. To really impress the recipient you could personalise their gift so if they are a wine buff, you could tie in a champagne cork and if they are a DIY addict you could thread on some bolts onto the Ribbon.

12. Ensure you write your gift tags first and place them on the gifts so you don’t forget which present is for whom!

13. For eager children who have a habit of opening gifts early, avoid adding a gift tag and use a particular colour paper for each child.

14. If you have something impossible to wrap, hide it in the house or shed and introduce a treasure hunt with clues along the way

Christmas gift wrap inspiration by Jane Means


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