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Harvey’s easy baby blanket

Everyone (who doesn’t know me) assumes I do a lot of making, you know, because I run a craft shop, but sadly having a business and, now, a baby, and free time don’t really mix! But I did manage to whip up this easy blanket for Harvey. And if you ignore the fact this blanket was meant to have a binding, and the fact I haven’t sewn up the opening,  you can pretend it’s actually finished!


I was inspired, of course, by Anna Maria’s gorgeous flannel and voile swaddling blankets. We don’t have any kid-friendly voile in the shop at the moment but I looooove these turtles from Les Amis (it’s sold out now unfortunately) so I paired them with organic flannel from Cloud9. They do flannel so well! It’s lovely and soft and stays soft after washing.

There is no tutorial as I did this one evening around week 39, when the guilt that I hadn’t yet sewn anything for my baby overwhelmed me, but here are the steps:

1. Take a metre of each fabric and line them up right sides facing. Trim as necessary until they match up.

2. Take a cereal bowl or other round object and trace it around the corners to round them. Cut using your rotary cutter or scissors.

3. Stitch around the edges, leaving an opening to turn it right side out.

4. Press and finish with a voile binding if you like (for a silky edge). If you don’t bind, remember to stitch up the opening unlike me!

I should mention those sweet felt birds in the picture were made for Harvey by Colette and the quilt you can sort of see in the background is Harvey’s first quilt, made by my mum. Thank you both!

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