Have you seen Crafty Chloe?

If you follow Heather Ross’s blog, not only will you know she has a great new collection planned for Kokka, but you’ll see she has illustrated a new book called Crafty Chloe!

According to Heather, “Crafty Chloe is about a little girl who wears a glue gun holster (sometimes) made from a paper cup and sews outifts for her slightly chubby dog, Bert. She tends to overcommit herself. She is prone to tiny the mood swings that every artiste must endure. She is delightfuly imperfect, and dresses herself in what one recent reviewer referred to as “free to be me” outfits. That’s my fault, those outfits. I’m so hoping that you love her as much as I do.”

My stepdaughter is a lovely artist, so I popped a copy in my cart (£9.60 on Amazon if you can’t find at your local bookshop). But truth be told as excited as I am to see this fun book, what’s even cooler is that Chloe has her own craft blog for kids.

This is just such a fun idea, not least if you can’t get enough of Heather’s drawings. The first post was a tutorial on making glow in the dark pajamas. I think it’s going to be a really fun source of creative ideas for keeping little ones entertained and crafty!

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