Heart-shaped pom pom tutorial

Caroline made some fun heart-shaped pom poms to decorate our latest West Hampstead shop window display and we wanted to share a quick tutorial with you!

Heart shaped pom pom tutorial

You will need:
*A SweetGeorgia Party of Five mini skein set of Tough Love Sock in Snapdragon. You can also use any scrap yarn you have in sock weight or double knitting or similar. Chunky yarn won’t work for this project.
*A heart shaped pom pom maker

SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock Party of Five Snapdragon

How to:

*Before you start wind your yarn into a ball.
*Wind the yarn to wrap the arches, from top to bottom filling up the sections on the arches one by one.
*Once you are done with both sides of the ring, wrap a piece of yarn (of the same colour yarn) around the center passing between the hooks.
*Make a single knot and tighten it firmly.
*Secure the string to the hooks.
*Cut the yarn around the arches, and trim the yarn inside of the arches.

*Remove the string from the secure hooks and pull the ends again very firmly.
*Lift all the arches, then tie the string tightly.
*To finish up your heart trim it to shape like a pretty Bonsai tree.

Heart shaped pom pom tutorial

Heart shaped pom pom tutorial

Heart shaped pom pom tutorial

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